The Excel ribbon menu

SpreadsheetConverter adds a new ribbon to the Excel menu. This is the online help page for that ribbon menu. 

After you have installed SpreadsheetConverter, a new ribbon or menu appears in Excel.

Screenshot of the Excel menu with the SpreadsheetConverter choice

This page describes the new layout of the ribbon menu for SpreadsheetConverter version 10 and later. If you are using an older version, please read the help page for version 9.

If there is no SpreadsheetConverter entry in your Excel menu, please follow these troubleshooting instructions.

When you click on the link, the ribbon shows you many of the controls you need to operate SpreadsheetConverter.

Prepare section

The Prepare section is where you do most of your work before the conversion.

Screenshot of the Prepare section of the ribbon

Recent conversion history

The Recent file list makes it easy to open or share a recently converted web page. The most recently converted web page is at the top of the list. To the left of the filename is an icon that tells you what flavor was used to create it, i.e. its conversion output format. The timestamp tells you when the file was converted.

Screenshot of the Recent files list in version 10

If you hover your mouse pointer over a file in the list, you will see browser icons.

Screenshot of the browser and QR code icons in the conversion history

  • Click on any browser icon to open the converted web page in the corresponding web browser.
  • Click on the Windows Explorer icon to locate the folder that contains the converted web page, e.g. in preparation for uploading it to the web server.
  • Click on a QR code icon to generate a QR code for Instant Testing that you can scan with a mobile device to open the corresponding web page with the device’s web browser.

There is a video tutorial for the History List in version 8.

Task pane shortcuts

Clicking on the shortcuts opens the Workbook or Worksheets tabs of the task pane. If the currently selected cell in Excel does not already contain a widget, you can insert a widget into the current cell.

Screenshots showing the direct links to the task pane

If there is already a widget in the current cell, the Insert Widget button changes into Edit widget to let you access the widget’s settings directly from the ribbon.

Screenshot of the Edit Widget button

The settings for worksheet-level widgets like Hide Rows/Sheets and Responsive Blocks are always accessible directly from the ribbon.

Screenshot of the Insert Widget menu in version 10

Convert section

Use the Convert section of the ribbon to select what flavor to use for the conversion, i.e. what format to use for the converted web page. All licenses include the ability to generate standard cross-platform responsive HTML output. You can also buy a license for other flavors.

Screenshot of the Convert section of the version 10 ribbon

Automatic Live Preview and manual Convert

Select Live Preview to initiate an automatic conversion of the spreadsheet every time you save it in Excel.

Press Convert to convert the current spreadsheet to a live, calculating web page. There is a tutorial to guide you through your first conversion. If Live Preview is active, a new conversion will automatically be initiated every time you press Save in Excel, updating all preview windows that are connected to the editing session in Excel.

We offer you a free 7-day test of SpreadsheetConverter with access to all flavors in a limited, “demo” mode.  You can also request a free 30-day trial license.

After the trial period has ended, unlicensed flavors will no longer appear in the list. If you need a particular flavor, ensure you have a license key for it and that you have activated this license key under Activate License in the Manage Account section of the ribbon. There is an online Help page for license registration.

Note that changing the flavor may affect other settings, e.g. for layout and formatting, and that some widgets may only be relevant in certain flavors.


Screenshot of the Options in the Convert section of the ribbon

Browsers and Conversion Path Option

  • Click on the button to the right under Choose folder to store webpage and navigate to where you want SpreadsheetConverter to store the web pages it creates. All converted forms and calculators are stored in this folder, even if the source spreadsheets are in different folders. Each converted calculator or form will be enclosed in its own subfolder.
  • Your converted web pages automatically open in one or more browsers directly after conversion. Select what browsers you wish to use with this Instant Testing – click once to activate a browser, click once again to deactivate.


Reopen Live Preview windows

When you activate Live Preview in the development workstation, it opens a preview window in each browser selected for Instant Testing above. If you accidentally close or can’t find one of these predefined preview windows in the development workstation, click Reopen Live Preview Windows to have them all opened again.

Screenshot of the browser tab for an inactive preview window and an active one

  • The new Live Preview windows replace the old ones which now become stale and can be closed. As you can see in the above screenshot of the browser tabs, there is a visual clue on the right-hand active preview window tab that distinguishes it from the left-hand inactive, orphan one. Preview windows without this visual clue will not be updated when the spreadsheet is changed and saved.
  • You can open an unlimited number of Live Preview windows, both in the development workstation and in an unlimited number of other devices, simply by re-using the preview link or QR code. These preview windows work just like the predefined ones but are unknown to Live Preview. Selecting Reopen Live Preview Windows will only reopen preview windows in the development workstation, and only in the web browsers selected for Instant Testing. To reopen a preview window in another browser or device, re-use the preview link or QR code.

Show the same tab as in Excel

Select Sync active worksheet with Live Preview windows to have the preview windows follow the tab you are currently working on Excel. Example: if you select the Shipping tab of the spreadsheet in Excel, this tab will also become visible in all the preview windows.

User settings

The User Settings are available in version 9 and later. Read more on the help page for the user settings. 

Show Announcements in Task Pane

The announcements in the Notification Center help us communicate new features to you without the use of e-mails, blogs or newsletters. Read more about the Notification Center and how to use it.

Check for New Version

Before you report any technical problems to us, please ensure that you are using the latest version of the add-in. Otherwise, you may be reporting a problem that has already been fixed. The Check for New Version menu selection will automatically verify the version you have installed, and help you apply any updates.

Test section

The Test section lets you upload the converted web page to the cloud for testing. You get a fully functional web link that works for 7 days. Send it to anyone in the world to let them test your calculator or web form.  If you don’t have a paid license for SpreadsheetConverter, you can only use Test links. There is a Help page for Test and Production upload to cloud.

Screenshot of the Test section of the ribbon

Publish section

The Publish section of the ribbon helps you publish the converted web page on various external servers. You must convert your spreadsheet before you can share the converted web page.

The choices available depend on what flavor you use, so you may not see all the below in your particular setup.

Publish to Cloud

When testing is complete and you want to activate the new version of the web page as the live Production version, simply select Publish to Cloud to replace the Production version instead. The basic ability to create production links is included in all paid licenses. Production links are always the same, every time you upload the same spreadsheet, and never expire. There is a Help page for Test and Production upload to cloud.

Screenshot of the Publish to Cloud menu in the ribbon

WordPress plugin

Some flavors include a WordPress plugin which makes it much easier to upload your calculator to WordPress using a plugin.

If you use another content management system, check if there is a shortcut to an integration document for your specific CMS on our website.

Screenshot of the WordPress menu in the ribbon

Learn section

Use the Learn section of the ribbon to gain knowledge and research any problems you might have.

Screenshot of the Learn menu in the ribbon

Try some of our examples

SpreadsheetConverter installs a few examples on your local disk. You can open and test these examples using the Try Examples link in the ribbon.

Press Convert to see what each example looks like as a web page!

Screenshot of the Try Examples window in SpreadsheetConverter

Other learning options

  • Take the Tour, a collection of images and descriptive text that helps you get started.
  • There is a direct “getting started” link to the Quick Start Guide.
  • You can browse the many Tutorials on the website.
  • The “help pages” link takes you directly to the Online Help section of this website.
  • Another link opens the directory of online Examples on the web.
  • You can visit the News section of the website to see what’s new.
  • Every new version has a thick bunch of very interesting Release Notes that you may want to indulge in.
  • Follow the “home page” link to visit the start page of our website.

Ask for Help section

Contact support

Use Contact Support to open the Contact Support form on the website. This is mainly useful when you want to ask questions.

If you want to report a problem, use Report issue instead.

Report issue

If you have a problem, use this reporting feature to request help. Adding lots of troubleshooting information is very easy thanks to the convenient checkboxes.

Screenshot of the Report Issue window


Open the About box to see the currently installed version number. A convenient copy button makes it easy to paste the version number into any question or problem report you send us. The About box also tells you if there is a later version available on the website.

Manage Account section

Use the Manage account section of the ribbon to register license keys. For upgrades, you may need to register old license keys as well.

Screenshot of the Product Activation window

If your flavor is unlicensed, this section instead contains links to get a free 30-day evaluation license or buy a lifetime license for the current version.

Screenshot of the Manage Account section in the ribbon for an unlicensed flavor