User settings

The User Settings dialog allows you to use SpreadsheetConverter with other languages than English. It also lets you adjust the advanced conversion settings. 

The User settings dialog is opened from the Options menu in the Convert section of the ribbon and contains various options and settings.

Screenshot of the User settings shortcut in the Options menu in the Convert section of the ribbon

Advanced settings

The Advanced Settings control the internal operation of the converter.

Combine JS and CSS files

This setting makes the converted web page smaller and faster to download because it uses a smaller number of files.

Screenshot of the Advanced Settings in the User Settings window

System settings

  • If you’ve changed a lot of things and got lost, and you want to return SpreadsheetConverter to the factory defaults, just press the Reset User Settings button.
  • To run a conversion in debug mode (usually requested by our developers), select Enable debug mode conversion. Read more about this setting on the help page for Browser storage.

Screenshot of the System Settings tab of the User Settings

Customize text

You can translate SpreadsheetConverter to other languages or change the texts it uses with the Customize Texts setting. Select the group in the left-hand pane and edit the texts in the group in the right-hand pane. The new texts will be used for all subsequent conversions, but will not affect already converted web pages.

Read more about translation in the Translation Overview.

Screenshot of the Message Dialogs tab of the Customize Text section in the User settings

Message dialogs

You can translate all runtime messages generated by the converter.

Validation Message

When the user types something into a form field that does not follow the rules for the field, this error message is displayed.

Submit dialog

These messages are displayed when a form is being submitted.

If you have designated a separate landing page in Configure Submit settings > After successful submit, the After Submit message with its Heading and Description will not appear.

Offline Save

When forms are being submitted offline, they need to be saved to browser storage. These messages appear when this happens.

Offline Submit

When the user comes online again, the offline forms can be delivered to the server, with these messages.

Offline Submit Fail

If the saved forms couldn’t be delivered, these messages may appear.

Wizard Buttons

If you have a spreadsheet with more than one worksheet and convert it with a Wizard layout, you get buttons to navigate to the Next and Previous step, and a few other buttons. These can be translated here.

Toolbar Buttons

The buttons in the toolbar can all be translated. The Workbook tab controls which buttons are shown for each calculator or form.

Node.js login

If you use the Node.js Secure Login feature you can customize the login screen here.