The WordPress plugin to import spreadsheets

Here are the instructions on how to use the WordPress Plugin to Import Spreadsheets from Microsoft Excel.

We offer a free WordPress plugin that allows you to import live, calculating spreadsheets from Microsoft Excel to your blog or website in WordPress. To use the plugin, you need a web page created with the Professional Edition edition of SpreadsheetConverter. An example file is delivered with the plugin.

Note: You can also publish spreadsheets from Microsoft Excel in WordPress using our Publish to Cloud service. The main difference is that the calculator then resides on a cloud server and not on the same web server as your WordPress site. In most cases, this works just as well.

Using the plugin

Insert a live spreadsheet in your blog with just a few clicks

Any Excel spreadsheet can be published on the web. It’s probably easiest to start with the example file provided with the plugin. If you’re already familiar with SpreadsheetConverter, you can also convert the example file to an SSC Calculator file yourself:

  • If necessary, download and install the Excel add-in using the instructions on the download page. In Excel, select the SpreadsheetConverter ribbon and verify that there is a WordPress plugin button in the Publish section.
  • Open the spreadsheet in Excel and click Convert> on the SpreadsheetConverter toolbar to convert the spreadsheet to a web page.
  • Click WordPress plugin on the SpreadsheetConverter toolbar to create an SSC Calculator file with everything you will need in WordPress.

Once you have the SSC Calculator file, you move over to WordPress:

Install the plugin

Before you publish your first calculator, you must install the plugin in WordPress with help from the instructions in our Installation Guide.

Manage the uploaded calculators

If you want to move a calculator within the page, or to another page, there’s much to learn in the Manage Uploaded Spreadsheets section, which also tells you how to completely remove a calculator from WordPress.

Support guide

Still having problems? Try our support guide for the WordPress plugin.