SpreadsheetConverter supports most of the conditional formatting rules in Excel. If your spreadsheet has conditional formatting rules, the same rules will be applied in the live web page.

With conditional formatting in Excel, cells can change color or other visible properties depending on their value. If you use conditional formatting in your Excel spreadsheet, these rules are also applied when the spreadsheet is converted to a web page.

SpreadsheetConverter supports slightly different conditional formatting rules depending on the version of Excel it is used with. Some specific features of conditional formatting are currently unsupported:

  • Above/Below standard deviation
  • Duplicate/unique
  • Top/bottom n percent
  • Applying conditional formatting to a huge cell range, e.g. an entire row or column, like $B:$B
  • Midpoint axis for negative values and border colors in Databar
  • Icon-sets


To demonstrate this function, we created a web version of the popular Sudoku game using just a spreadsheet.

Sudoku as a spreadsheet

Sudoku converted to a webpage with conditional formatting

Known issues

  • If you use conditional formatting on a web form that is submitted, the conditional formatting will not be carried over to the formatted web form in the e-mail you receive.